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What is a Hybrid?
RC Clarke's 1981 book "Marijuana Botony" states an individual produced by crossing two parents of different genotypes, that a hybrid is a heterozygous individual resulting from crossing two seperate strains. For the purpose of seedbanks, a hybrid is in general, a cross between any two unrelated seedlines. All Hybrids are heterozygous and is not considered true breeding.

What are F1, F2, F3, F4 Hybrids?
F1 Hybrid is the first generation of a cross between any two unrelated seedlines in the creation of a hybrid. F1 hybrids can be uniform or variable depending on the P1 parent stock used.

F2 Hybrid is the offspring of a cross between two F1 plants. What Clarke and other sources don't make clear is do the two F1's need to be from the same parents? By convention they don't. German geneticists often describe a backcross of an F1 back to a P1 parent as a F2 cross.

Lets say we take a Blueberry strain and cross it with Romulan (both relatively true breeding of their unique traits) to create the F1 Hybrid "Rromberry". Now lets cross the F1 Romberry with a Northern Lights(NL) and Haze F1 Hybrid. Some could say this is a F1 cross of Romberry and NL/Haze. Others could argue that it is a F2 cross of two F1 Hybrids. It's confusing. Now lets cross this Romberry/NL/Haze(RNH) with a Skunk#1/NL#5 F1 Hybrid to create RNHSN. Now some would argue that RNHSN is a F1 Hybrid between RNH and SK/NL seedlines. Others would call it a F2.

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